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Why is Joseph Nelson Jewelry is an appointment based business only?

We created the concept of having strictly appointment-based jewelry business for a few reasons.

The main reason we decided to work as appointment only is to offer our clients the best possible customer service possible. We have dedicated an hour and a half time block just for you and your appointment. There are no interruptions, the focus is entirely on your needs as a customer. We also understand that getting to an appointment sometimes things happen, and you can run a few minutes behind. No worries, we have that entire block of time just for you.

Second, from a service aspect you don’t have to worry about if you are going to work with the right person or employee that day. You will be working with the owner of the company, with 21 years of experience in the business, Mark will be able to answer all the questions you would have and be able to assist you and guide you with 100% honesty and integrity. You will be in a private setting with no distractions and no other people around so you will be able to talk openly and freely about your jewelry journey.

Third, we have a private office in Irvine that is in a triple secure building. You will be escorted into the main building, then into our main reception, before being escorted into a private office where your jewelry presentation will be held. In todays world sadly security is of high importance and we take our security and our customers security very seriously. When dealing with luxury products you can never be too careful.

Lastly, a booked and kept appointment is the foundation of a great relationship. When you go on your first date, a business interview or looking at buying homes, you make and keep an appointment. Our time and your time are incredibly valuable. We don’t want to waste ours and don’t want you to waste yours. Trust and commitment are values that we have as a company at Joseph Nelson Jewelry. We will make the best jewelry buying experience possible for you, all we ask is transparency on our questionnaire so that we can bring and show you exactly the best options of whatever it is you want to see, or purchase.

We will apply all our passion for the business, all the love for what we do, share our relationships we have built over years to be able to provide you with the highest quality jewelry piece for the best price. All we need is honesty and trust from you and we will open the doors to things in jewelry you didn’t even know were possible!!! We will earn your business and turn you into our family, because we will treat you like we treat our family!!!

Our passion... for yours

Our passion... for yours

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Your ring will be 100% made custom to your specifications by our Team of Master craftsman. Pick your metal, Pick your shape, Pick your Stone, Pick your Price, and our Owner will be in touch to finalize your order today!!!

Orders are typically finished in 10-20 business days. We can rush if requested. Diamonds are all colorless and VS minimum.

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